encek result plese be kind

my examination result is around the conner
is on 25 baby !!just afew day,!!, im like wooooo
so scareddddddddddddddddd mummy help !!
i wanna die, dont want to see my result
as my previous semester im only see my result
a day after the announcement that show how scared i am
 and n facebook gonna be some of my frenz would say
yeah im dean list! :( im so happy for my frenz..
but i know myself well so if its happen to me its like miracle
but what im gonna say here is i just want the best result
no repeater+above 3 pointer that enough for me as i know
im an ordinary student that got ordianary brain :)


Fathiah Hamim said...

all the best! :)

bella luna said...

@Fathiah Hamimthanx fathiah :)

wildorchid said...


RaraTan said...

wish u da best of luck sys :)

bella luna said...

thanx rara and orchid :)


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