to my besfrenz

its painful to say goodbye to someone you dont want to let go,
but it more painful to ask someone to stay when you know they want to leave.
and that was happens to me and my besfrenz.

its painful when our besfenz have to say good my to you
for me besfrenz is everything.. in this world my besfrenz is
someone that understand me better than other frenz...
not many people actually can understand me becoz
coz im diffrents im friendly but at the same time im a silence person
and my silence spokes a thousand word.Its doesnt means im silence
i dont even care about u.. only my besfenz know me well.

and to my besfrenz putri,fiza ur the best thing that had comes to my lives...
i always pray for ur happiness .. thank you so much for being with me no matter
what and i dont know how to thank you enough,i try to aprrieciate you each times
we had together....

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