they are soooo sweet

actualy tadi ade terbaca entry about  Victoria and David Becham... jap before tu tengok gambar ni

the pair are seen sitting on a birthing ball, with David's hands clasped around Victoria's pregnant tummy. Victoria is getting some help from husband David with her breathing.

In another shot, Victoria and David are seen trying to choose from an unusual list of baby names.
With ideas including Benditlike, Gucci and Santa Monica, Victoria clutches a book of 1000 Girl's Names, while David reads America's Favourite Baby Names.

 Victoria and David's little girl, who is due on July 4, will be Victoria and David's fourth child and first daughter and sister for eight-year-old Romeo, Brooklyn, 12, and Cruz, six. 

p/s they are so sweet kan?even ni bukanlah kelahiran yang pertama.. yang ke empat pulakkk they are well prepared... anak retis famous kan.. mesti la  vogue gitu.. 


Senorita Nadira said...

hueeeee kite suke due org ni!!!
minat beckham since darjah 5 lgi:)

bella luna said...

iye ke?nadira. wah lamanya awak minat diorang.. huhuh dorg memang best couple... :)


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