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last friday i feel happy you know why...Allah is giving me such a great mother who can cook for me when i want to eat .. mom ask me "what do you want to eat?"i said "erm i dont know".. i dont really care about the food... what make im care is the haooiness to eat at home.. people always say that home sweet home.. now im understand,really understand.. how much you want to fits with the other place,how much you try to make yourself to be comftable at the other place.. no place can replace our home.. because home is everything for me...

when im back my mom cook a lot of dish.. sambal udang,ikan masak rebus,ayam masak lemak,bubur lambuk,buah tembikai,and kuih muih, ...there alot of food.. im trying to finish all the food.. i ont want to make my mom feel sad of i dont finish his food.. kesian dia masak banyak-banyak nah... what what im really proud of her is... when she is cooking,she cooking alone.. all the dish.. she doesnt ask for my helping,she makes the dishes so fast!i love you mom..

p/s sorry kalo bi saya terabur.. da terbiasa da.. :)

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