Just started a new sem!


Hi i think theres been a long time im not updating this blog.While everybody happy with the holiday spending puasa im stuggling for the short sem :(  .Yes im taking short sem during the holiday.Spending my puasa at Uitm.So sad uollss hehe u know what the last day of our final exam for the short course is a day before we celebrate merdeka day! im really enjoying my merdeka day and also merdeka paper for this sem hahahha

One more thing i want to tell u after a week i finish my short sem i got money blinkblink my eyes shinning hehe i got from the skies! hahaha. im just kidding "no way" the money cannot comes from the skies!.. PTPTN give me the money.From my past PTPTN  will give the money a week after we start our class but this time PTPTN  give us money a week before we start the class.Maybe they are improving their servies to become better i think since they make advertising during Hari Raya with the trademark of "PTPTN kan adooo"hurayyy we can spend the money for shopping!opsss 

Now i'm just started new semester and insyallah it will be my final year in Uitm shah Alam,do pray for me so that i will grad on time and with flying colours! This sem there will be a lot of activity such as trip and im be busy selling food at my faculty in order of my faculty requirement for retail student.

Anyway i'm really miss this blog so much since i have been busy with my life and doesnt have time to spend time update my sorry..from now on every week i will updating my blog i promise hehe :p

xoxo byee



Marliyana Mk said... skrg da xde kan short sem?

amboiiiiiii.... duit pt tuu mmg syiokkk shopping. muahaha

ouhhh.. akk jual2 kt situ eh.lalu je tdi pi mydin.hahahahhaah.. kyg da mase tu. nnti ad masa jenguk2 la,

kalo mampu belila.hahahhahha

Ena's Stories said...

hai bella, wishing u gud luck for ur study..

akk balas kunjungan awk..:)

Liza Razak said...

dulu masa saya dapat duit ptptn bukan seronok lagi sbb boleh shopping..hehehe

Sizzling Suzai said...

good luck dek n thanks a lot! :)

bella hamzah said...

Marliyana :jemput la dtg dik kedai akak kat tepi tangga je huhu

kak ena :thanx akak :)

kak liza :kennn huhu perempuan shopping la kijo

Sizzling suzai"whjat a nice blog u have !thanx come to visit my blog :)


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