Trip Trip Trip

Its has along time im not update my blog... really miss this blog sooo much!

This semester i have to go trough alot of trip!

This is our final year and we have to go for 6 trip but some of them we combine the class because we have to cut the cost ngeee
here are the trip that we go for this semester
1.Johor Premium Outlet done!
2.Kenanga Wholesale City done!
3.Mid valley done
4.LAngkawi Tomorrow _,_ 
5.GM Plaza This Tuesday

Only two places far fom kuala lumpur which is JPO and Langkawi,Mid valley?huh it is just besides my house only takes 5 minute to go there hehehe

Tomorrow i will go for a trip with all my classmate :) we will stay at Pulau Cenang  but the trip takes longer hour to arrive there it is about 8-9 hour!i was thinking to sleep in the bus zzz but then when i wake up im still in the bus _._

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